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Timmay [userpic]
"Wake up, time to die."

LJ is done. The point of my presence on this cooperative blog was community. It has long since been abandoned to the elements: spam scurrying about, open holes letting in gusts of subscriber feeds. The whole place echoes. I remember what a central communication spot this blog was just seven years ago ... wait holy shit was it seven? I don't let go easily, what can I say.

Those of you still wanting to stay in contact can catch me on Facebook as Stick YBoy. I'll be starting up a blog on Wordpress or blogspot or somewhere similar I'd imagine if for no other reason than to post more than three sentences of invective without having to kill a damned flash commercial.

I'll download my journal for posterity, even though most of it is political stupidity, trite observations and other banalities. Who knows? In 20 years I might even be curious about my own mid-30s opinion on expended uranium-tipped munitions.

But I doubt it.



you'd be surprised, if nothing else, just following the infosec crowd, it's kinda been my web-reading filter for infosec stories the last year.. pre-filtered relevance. And don't give me that old thing, if Gene Spafford (@TheRealSpaf) can keep up with twitter (and he does!) then so can you!.

If nothing else, he can keep us updated on his bowel movements like pretty much everyone else on Twitter.