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Timmay [userpic]
"Wake up, time to die."

LJ is done. The point of my presence on this cooperative blog was community. It has long since been abandoned to the elements: spam scurrying about, open holes letting in gusts of subscriber feeds. The whole place echoes. I remember what a central communication spot this blog was just seven years ago ... wait holy shit was it seven? I don't let go easily, what can I say.

Those of you still wanting to stay in contact can catch me on Facebook as Stick YBoy. I'll be starting up a blog on Wordpress or blogspot or somewhere similar I'd imagine if for no other reason than to post more than three sentences of invective without having to kill a damned flash commercial.

I'll download my journal for posterity, even though most of it is political stupidity, trite observations and other banalities. Who knows? In 20 years I might even be curious about my own mid-30s opinion on expended uranium-tipped munitions.

But I doubt it.



If nothing else, he can keep us updated on his bowel movements like pretty much everyone else on Twitter.