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.50 bmg, 24, 303, ak-47, albert camus, american history, anonymity, antique books, ar-15, arabic, aristotle, armalite, assault rifles, bad goth poetry, balkans, battlestar galactica, benelli, beretta, bijelo dugme, bittorrent, block cipher cryptanalysis, browning, bushmaster, c, catholicism, cetnici, chess, chicks with guns, christianity, cipherpunks, classical music, codeine, coding, colt, consciousness, converter, core dumps, counterterrorism, cryptography, cyberpunk, dbs hacking, desert eagle, doggies, ebm, eddie izzard, existentialism, fat people in latex, firearms, fitness, foreign policy, foreign relations, format string exploits, fpga, god, gop, guns, hanzel und gretyl, hash functions, history, history of philosophy, history of thought, home distillation, homemade vodka, hydrocodone, indie films, indie music, international relations, interventionism, israeli military industries, jungle, kernel hacking, kevin smith movies, kimber, koine greek, kurdistan, latin, lepa sela lepo gore, liberty, linux, liturgy, m-16, m-4, magnum research, masochism theory, metaphysics, military history, mips assembly, mongering, mossberg, nardodna muzika, narodnjake, national security, natural disasters, neubauten, nine inch nails, nuclear weapons, number theory, one-legged ninjas, oppressing the weak, orthodoxy, oxycodone, paul wolfowitz, peeing in snow, philosophy, politics, propoxyphene, puppies, rakija, repressing the meek, republican loudmouths, republicans, riblja corba, richard thieme, rock river arms, sci-fi, serbia, serbian food, shellcode, sigarms, single-malt scotch, skinny puppy, sks, slavic culture, sljivovic, splinter cell, springfield armory, srbija, star wars, stealing from the poor, surrealist art, svcd, target shooting, techno, theology, thomas aquinas, thomism, thought, tucker max, varmint hunting, velvet acid christ, weightlifting, winchester, wine, world history, x86 assembly, xbox, xbox hacking, yer mom, yugoslavia, zabranjeno pusenje